Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy for Mark’s Farm

All times relate to business hours and days excluding bank holidays.

Shipping options:

The island of Ireland:
We send our raw honey throughout the island of Ireland.

Shipping by courier costs €6.50 for up to 20 kg. This includes recycled parcelling. This would be paid for at the checkout.

Handling time will be one or two days because I might be in the apiaries all day.
You will be contacted personally if it takes longer.

Shipping time typically takes between two and four days depending on which day your honey is dispatched to our courier service. 

The rest of the world:

Contact Mark for shipping to the rest of the world.
Costs, handling time and shipping time depend on contacting an international courier company.

All the material used in packaging is recycled and reused so the shape and thickness of the packaging material is varied.

The jars are well protected to prevent breakage and will need strong scissors or a knife to open.

Open carefully because a jar might roll out once you start opening your parcel.
We tend to wrapping jars individually inside the padded parcels.

Standing by hive with lighthouse in background
We are a one man business at the moment, willing to expand.
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