Mil – Raw Irish Honey with Propolis & Pollen

How our natural honey mix of was “discovered”.

 Years ago a neighbour requested removal of a swarm that had been living in their roof for many years. After scooping out the wax, pollen and honey and then cold filtering it, we thought the taste of the mix was ambrosial! It was decided to create our own “wild honey” mix thereafter. Our mixture, made from the purest bee products has several unique features: It’s raw, coastal, unheated, unfiltered honey. It is an all natural, artisan, hand-crafted product with no additives. It comes from a small enterprise, with himself, beekeeper Mark, living on the WILD ATLANTIC WAY, doing all the work by hand. 

Raw Irish honey with 5% pollen & propolis from Mark’s farm

Price : €8.50

Our best quality Irish Coastal honey

Our bees are kept biodynamically, i.e. working them when the stars are in optimum position astronomically, following the Biodynamic way of cultivating the soil, fruit and vegetables as well as minding our animals.

The fabulous Irish honey our bees provide is gathered, extracted and stored naturally. It is raw; non-heated, untreated, non-filtered and non-strained.

We guarantee that there is neither water, nor sugar added. There is nothing but the highest quality, purest Irish farm honey, pollen and propolis in the jar.

By retaining their natural by-products, the honey may look messy or change colour, the nectar is exceptionally healthy. There can be wax residue also, this is made by the bees, and can be eaten. The honey may crystallize, reverse this by putting it out in the sun or near the heating. Don’t heat it up in teas etc. though, it weakens some of the healthy properties.

You can buy our honey with pollen & propolis from our farm, or online, or from the shops in Cork & County who stock our honey product.

Benefits of Pollen and Propolis


It has many health benefits and properties:


Pollen contains Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and more.

Mark starting out in 2002

Raw West Cork Cold Extracted Honey By Marks farm

Hello, my name is Mark van Dam, bee keeping has been my passion for 20 years.

We created our first RAW HONEY MIXTURE ten years ago.

It’s natural, non-heated, unpasteurized, unprocessed, non-strained, pure, handmade raw Irish honey from my apiaries in Rathbarry, Cahermore and Knocknagappul in West Cork. There is neither water, nor sugar added.


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